In 1965, KBE Bauelemente developed the first height-adjustable intermediate floor for school swimming pools in order to be able to vary water depths. Later on, this floor was exclusively referred to as moving floor.

Many other innovative products were developed, such as the moving floor with a trailing ramp and various types of pool dividers. Our systems are continually updated, supplemented and patented. They are very reliable, simple in terms of conceptual design and can be planned according to their use. Their areas of application are public and private swimming pools, hospitals, therapy centres, schools and universities.

Since 1980, we have been been selling our moving floor systems worldwide.

KBE moving floors and pool dividers are produced exclusively in our factory in Germany. The worldwide installation of the systems is carried out with the help of our own well-trained personnel. Throughout the European mainland, the components are shipped by lorries, and overseas shipping is carried out by container – now also using the new JadeWeserPort in Wilhelmshaven.