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In 1965, KBE Bauelemente developed the first height-adjustable intermediate floor for school swimming pools in order to be able to vary water depths. Later on, this floor was exclusively referred to as moving floor. Many other innovative products were developed, such as the moving floor with a trailing ramp and various types of pool dividers. Our systems are continually updated, supplemented and patented. They are very reliable, simple in terms of conceptual design and can be planned according to your needs.

Moving floors

Moving floors are used to adjust the pool water to various depths. This makes it possible to reduce the number of pools designed for different purposes: as a pool for swimmers, non-swimmers or even as a pool for swimming lessons. This allows opera...

Pool dividers

If pools are to be divided into two units, either stationary or moveable pool dividers are used. There are two versions of each: the stationary pool dividers are divided into lifting walls and hinged walls. Both variants allow two predetermined pool ...

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