Moving floors

Moving floors are used to adjust the pool water to various depths. This makes it possible to reduce the number of pools designed for different purposes: as a pool for swimmers, non-swimmers or even as a pool for swimming lessons.

This allows operators to offer all kinds of options for swimming or for swimming lessons (not simultaneously, but in organised chronological sequence).

We usually find moving floors in public swimming pools. There they are equipped with a polyester or stainless steel surface. Besides, more and more residential pools are provided with a moving floor. Here the surface is usually finished with the same coating as the area surrounding the pool, so a uniform surface is created when the moving floor is raised to the level of the pool borders. This space can then be used for other purposes.

Moving floors meet the safety requirements of the European Standard EN 13451.11 in conjunction with Part 1.

Application examples of KBE’s moving floors can be found under References.